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The final result, which is the profitability of vending machines at the local points of sale, depends at an important degree, apart from the quality of manufacture, as much on their systematic maintenance, as on the directness of service of the company that has the support.

M-SOLUTIONS has created, in a specifically formed area in the company, a completely equipped technical department with a warehouse of spare parts.

Mainly however, we created a team of technicians and salesmen, which distinguishes, thanks to their professionalism, skills, knowledge and the continuous training abroad but also to the high sense of responsibility.

Our technical support is provided in two levels.

In the first level, takes place the fully education of the future user of vending machines at all sections, in reference with the operation and right maintenance of machines. By this way we prepare the user to handle and cope with any potential concerning in the operation of vending machines.

In the second level our technical department is in charge of the telephone advise and guidelines of our, now, partner-operator. In any case of his weakness coping with any facing technical problem, out technicians then take over and solve the problem immediately. Engagement: To give immediate solution to the partner-operator’s problem in order that the vending machines will continue to operate smoothly.

Aim: To prove each day that we respect the operator providing important service, covering his needs and providing him the feeling of certainty and confidence.

We achieve our promises.

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